RNeasy 96 QIAcube HT Kit (5)

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RNeasy 96 QIAcube HT Kit (5)

For automated high-throughput isolation of RNA from animal and human cells and tissue

  • Simple and reliable automated processing for time and cost savings
  • Flexible procedures for isolating total RNA or total RNA, including miRNA
  • Protocols for various starting materials and desired size distribution
  • High-quality purified RNA ready for use in any downstream application
  • Consistent RNA yields from small amounts of starting material
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    RNeasy 96 QIAcube HT Kit (5)
    For 480 preps: RNeasy 96 plates, RNase-free water, buffers
    QIAcube HT Plasticware
    Plasticware for 480 typical preps on QIAcube HT: 
    5 S-Blocks, 5 Elution Microtubes RS (EMTR), 120 x 8-Well Strip Caps for EMTR, 9 x 96 Filter-Tips OnCor C, TapePad


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